Operations security and public communication

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  • By 624th Regional Support Group Public Affairs
  • 624th Regional Support Group

Now that we’re in a new year, please take a moment to remember Operations Security and evaluate how you as an Airman communicate publicly. What you say matters. With recent world events, and upcoming elections, it’s important to evaluate the information you share, and the impact it can have on you, our Airmen, and the Air Force. You are always on the record and must represent our core values.

Air Force Instruction 1-1, Air Force Standards, outlines how we as Airmen should conduct ourselves on social networking websites. Remember, you are personally responsible for what you say and post on social networking services or in any other forum.

Consider how a post or information you share can be interpreted by the public or other governments. Be cautious about crossing the line between funny and distasteful. Also, consider if the information you’re sharing compromises OPSEC. If you have doubts about whether you should post something, err on the side of caution … if in doubt, leave it out! Discuss the proposed information you want to release or post with the public affairs office.

Don’t speculate about or discuss force protection measures or operations. Avoid discussion of any ongoing contingencies and refer any questions related to Air Force or other Department of Defense activities to the 624th Regional Support Group public affairs office at 808-449-7232 or via email at 624rsg.pa@us.af.mil. We encourage you to share, and to tell your unique Air Force stories. You are a representative of our Air Force, and your families, local community and the public are interested in what you have to say. Just keep in mind OPSEC and perceptions.