Why you should be an ART: Capt. Leanne Babcock

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Daniel Phelps
  • 349th Air Mobility Wing Public Affairs

After submitting hundreds of resumes as she prepared to leave active duty, trying to get into the civil service, Capt. Leanne Babcock finally found her opening through the Air Reserve Technician program.

“Breaking into the GS [general schedule] world, especially as a straight civilian, is not necessarily easy,” said Babcock. “A lot of people can fill out those straight civilian positions, but due to the military requirements associated with being an ART, not a lot of people can fill out and meet that portion. So being an ART is the easiest way for military to break into the GS world.”

Babcock has been an ART for two and a half years with 14 years in the military.

“One of the best things about being an ART is the support you get,” she said. “People are looking out for both your civilian and military professional growth.”

Babcock explained that ARTs are integral to the Reserve and make for a stronger civil service force because they are required to meet military requirements.

“You have the unique opportunity to serve your country in two separate ways,” she said.

For the captain, one of the best things about being an ART is the ability it allows her to make an impact in the AF Reserve.

“We are the Reserve’s full-time force,” she said. “This is the place to be for making things happen. We prepare the Reservists.”

Babcock specifically encouraged younger Airmen to join the ART program. “Young ARTs have a fresh perspective,” she said. “We are able to reinvigorate what the Air Force Reserve looks like now.”

Babcock pointed out that a lot people in the civil service are retired military who transferred in once they retired.

“As an ART, you are already in the civil service prior to retirement,” she exclaimed. “Being an ART gives you two career progressions – civil service and military.”

Prior to coming to Travis AFB, Babcock worked for 4th Air Force in a non-supervisory position as an ART. She was able to have a civilian PCS through a management directed reassignment that enabled her to have higher potential growth opportunities as an officer and civilian.

The desire to serve that Reservists have already makes them great candidates for the ART program, Babcock said.

“Speak with your functional manager about ART openings,” she advised. “They can help you find one, though you may be required to move.”

Fortunately, the 349th Air Mobility Wing has numerous ART openings in the unit. They can be found at www.usajobs.gov. Search under Travis AFB and look for the jobs that have “military requirement” in the title.