48th Aerial Port Squadron Participates in ERO

  • Published
  • By James M. Bowman

With C-17 engines running and adrenalin pumping, the 48th Aerial Port Squadron (APS) members participated in an engine running onload/offload (ERO) exercise while at Joint Base Pearl-Harbor-Hickam June 13, 2021.

The APS mission provides air terminal operations worldwide in support of contingency operations, exercises, foreign humanitarian relief or disaster operations. Airmen skill-sets were tested during an on and off loading cargo with a 25k loader, pallet build up and passenger and cargo processing.

“This was my first time on the flightline and participating in an ERO, it was an awesome experience, and leadership provided me with the information and tools needed to accomplish the mission,” said Senior Airman Mayleen Cuestas, 48th APS apprentice.  “This exercise built my confidence for other missions in the future.”  

The ERO simulated deployed conditions in which aircraft may not have the time to shut down before downloading or uploading cargo, and gave our 2T2s key readiness experience that would be integral in Pacific theater operations. A sense of urgency and attention to detail were evident during the training procedures; safety briefings were  highlighted prior to the ERO to ensure members could identify and prevent any mishaps. Practicing in this type of scenario enhances capabilities and helps identify best practices to improve wartime readiness.

“As the team lead, safety is the biggest concern when performing an ERO, whether it’s real world or during an exercise. With the experience I have and the safety guidelines provided, I felt comfortable being in a leadership position.” said Senior Airman Bronson Etse, 48th APS specialist. 

48th APS members continuously train to provide sustained expeditionary support of aerial port operations at established fixed and/or non-fixed terminals.