Seventy-four years ago today, the Air Force was born

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Seventy-four years ago today, the Air Force was born. Our founders were inspired by the thought that we could make warfare less lethal by dominating the air domain, and their legacy resounds in everything we in the 624 RSG do today…airlifting humanitarian supplies, building resilient bases, and providing the best patient care for our Airmen.

And while much has changed over those more than seven decades, some things remain the same – including our Airmen’s dedication to service over self.

Our citizen Airmen – our Pacific Warriors – are among those whose dedication to service is truly inspiring. Each of you contributes meaningfully not just to your local communities, but to the safety and security of the American people – well beyond the perimeter of our islands.

You are adaptable, resilient, courageous and serve with quiet humility.

So today, we celebrate not just the birthday of our Air Force, but each one of our Citizen Airmen who call the 624 RSG home. Without you, our shared mission to Fly, Fight and Win would not be possible.

We hope that today you share your #PacificWarrior pride with friends and family – and that you take the time to reflect on and celebrate our shared milestone of 74 years.


Col Shinas

CMSgt Young