48th Aerial Port Squadron trains with 735th Air Mobility Squadron

  • Published
  • By James Bowman
  • 624th Regional Support Group

Pacific Warriors from the 48th Aerial Port Squadron (APS) augmented the 735th Air Mobility Squadron (AMS) from January 15 – 21 at JBPHH. During this time 11 Airmen volunteered to work in three main areas; air freight, passenger terminal and air terminal operations center.  

“Training with active duty has been rewarding. I’ve known some of them since Tech school and it has been great working with them again to get the missions out on time,” said Senior Airmen Denton Alvarado.

Airmen from the 48th APS worked along-side active duty on freight and passenger movement perfecting their skills as cargo specialists and running the aerial port operation center.

The Aerial Port Squadron members played a valuable part in freight inventory, performing pallet building and cargo management from various aircraft. In addition they assisted with passenger check in, TSA security and sending terminal operations information to tanker Airlift Control Center which gets communicated to Air Mobility Command.

“When the 735th AMS requested assistance from the 48th APS, within the day they had their hands raised to support. It was a team effort to make this happen to include supervisors, finance and those who scheduled, coordinated and generated orders,” said SMSgt Pete Rieta, Assistant Aerial Port Manager. “Most of all, it was the Airmen who executed the mission with boots on the ground. This is what we train for.”