AFRC IG conducts on-site visit during January UTA

  • Published
  • By Kelly Owens
  • 624 regional support group

The January UTA looked a bit different for Hawaii-based Pacific Warriors.

Not only was it the start of the new year and an introduction to a new commander, Col. Brandon W. Stepp, but there were also a few additional unfamiliar faces making their rounds to squadrons and informally interviewing members. Those unfamiliar faces were Air Force Reserve Command Airmen with the Inspector General’s team, on-the-ground to complete the group’s recurring on-site visit.

These in-person, OSVs, scheduled once every 24 to 36 months, ensure that the group maintains compliance and effectiveness across four major areas, including:

  1. Executing the mission
  2. Leading people
  3. Managing resources
  4. Improving the unit

Two days prior to the kick-off of the January UTA, 15 members of the AFRC IG team reported to the 624 RSG to meet with Capt. Aizza Santos, 624 RSG project manager appointed to lead the weekend events; Lt. Col. Kenneth Ruggles, OIC; Senior MSgt. Jaylene Cadiente, superintendent; and Richard Woody, 624 RSG inspector.

Each AFRC inspector was assigned a particular coverage area based on their own career fields, in which they are considered subject matter experts.

“Our job at the 624 RSG is to make sure our squadrons are following protocols and maintaining requirements to ensure the readiness of our Pacific Warriors,” said Cadiente. “By welcoming AFRC IG to observe our group and ask questions of our Airmen, we’re participating in the necessary checks and balances to ensure we are prepared to fight the future fight. Mission readiness is a team sport, and we share the same goal as our AFRC IG counterparts: continuous improvement to meet the demands of tomorrow.”

Ruggles and his team have spent the last several months preparing for the OSV.

“Having the AFRC IG team on the ground during my first UTA as commander is a rare opportunity to get an outsider’s view on how we’re doing in terms of compliance,” said Stepp. “Their insight will be incredibly helpful as I develop and shape priorities for the 624th RSG, work with leadership to correct any deficiencies and have a baseline from which progress can be measured. It’s not every day that we can get that kind of third-party feedback, so I am looking forward to learning how we can better position our Pacific Warriors to answer our nation’s call when asked to do so.”