624th RSG on target during CATM

  • Published
  • By James Bowman
  • 624th Regional Support Group

The Combat Arms Training and Maintenance course plays a crucial role in preparing Reserve Citizen Airmen from the 624th Regional Support Group with the necessary skills to handle the M-4 rifle, while at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, June 3, 2023.

The program begins with classroom instruction, where Airmen learn about the fundamentals of firearms safety and proper handling techniques.

“The class was a great refresher and I was able to brush up on my knowledge about the M-4 rifle,” said Staff Sgt. Kara Hillerby, 624th RSG Mobility Supply, non-commissioned officer. “Being a part of military organization, is extremely important to have the basic knowledge of how to pick up a weapon and engage at a moment’s notice safely.” 

After the initial classroom training, Airmen move to practical training on the firing range. Under the guidance of experienced CATM instructors. RSG members apply the knowledge gained in the classroom and receive hands-on training in aiming and firing techniques. They are taught to shoot from different positions and at targets from various distances.

“I always enjoy going to the range to qualify, CATM emphasized the importance firearms proficiency, safety and responsible use of arms,” said Master Sgt. Darren Clemen, 48th Aerial Port Squadron operations. "The training offers a challenge for our Airmen to qualify and improve their shooting skills under pressure situations."

Safety is paramount throughout the program. Airmen are taught strict adherence to safety protocols and are consistently reminded of the importance of responsible firearm handling.

In addition, Airmen learn how to clean, inspect and troubleshoot the weapons. They gain knowledge of the internal mechanisms, basic repairs, and maintenance procedures to ensure the reliable operation of the weapons in their care.

Overall, attending CATM is an integral part of an Airman's training, providing them with the essential knowledge and skills needed to operate in an combat environment, where the ability to handle firearms is crucial.