624th RSG observes National Preparedness Month

  • Published
  • By Mr. Erik De Motta
  • 624 Regional Support Group

National Preparedness Month is observed in the month of September to raise awareness about the importance of preparing for disasters and emergencies. Tragedies can happen at any time and come in many forms: fires, hurricanes, man-made, etc.

Through education, the NPM Campaign helps to promote preparedness, reduce fear, anxiety and makes a crisis more manageable for individuals, families, civilians and the base community. 

“As the 624th Emergency Manager, it is my duty to prepare personnel and their families for any disasters and all-hazards threat that could come to our island of paradise. Typhoon Mawar showed everyone how quick a storm can get nasty and provide for some harsh conditions,” said Mr. Erik De Motta. “The Maui wildland fires also showed how anything can happen at a split moment and Chaos can ensue. Preparation is the key to a successful recovery with limited interruptions.”

Emergency Management specialist are trained for response and recovery operation anywhere in the world, develop plans, train others to meet mission needs and minimize casualties and damage to property.

The Air Force EM community has adopted the FEMA theme for NPM, as well as FEMA’s NPM weekly themes. Mrs. Deanne Criswell, FEMA Administrator, announced that the “2023 NPM Campaign will focus on preparing for disasters impacted by the all-hazard events, which continue to threaten the nation.”

For more information and resources to help you and your family "Be Ready," contact Mr. De motta @erik.demotta@us.af.mil or visit http://www.BeReady.af.mil .