48th APS learns lifesaving skills for combat

  • Published
  • By James Bowman
  • 624th Regional Support Group

Members from the 48th Aerial Port Squadron attended a two-day Tactical Combat Casualty Care course, equipping them with the skills to save lives in combat.  

During the training, 32 Citizen Airmen learned a three-phase process: care under fire, tactical field care and tactical evacuation. 

“As an instructor, I see the most significant benefit of TCCC as teaching airmen of all ranks essential medical skills. This will allow them to react in emergencies and ensure that they can administer aid to themselves and their comrades, regardless of branch of service,” said Tech. Sgt. Chanel Carvalho, joint inspections and particular handling supervisor for the 48th Aerial Port Squadron. “Another benefit would be that TCCC teaches the medical emergencies that may arise and how to identify and treat service members correctly. This training is essential because it increases the chances of survival in high-stress situations.”

Care under fire involves assessing and treating injuries in challenging environments and applying more than basic first aid to service members. TCCC enhances overall mission effectiveness by minimizing casualties and continuing operational readiness.

During tactical field care, Airmen apply tourniquets, pack wounds, and use hemostatic dressings. They also learn to clear airway obstructions. This training requires prompt response and can make a crucial difference in service members’ survival.

“The most valuable takeaway from TCCC training is understanding that everything taught has been implemented and proven in real-world situations,” said Staff Sgt. Kanoe Key, 48th Aerial Port Squadron member. “Airmen learning additional skills makes for a more versatile Multi-Capable Airman who can identify a medical emergency and provide care.”  

Evacuating a patient for further treatment builds teamwork and communication among responders, enabling care to be provided using a standardized approach across military branches. 

TCCC is helpful while deployed in everyday emergencies and equips Reserve Citizen Airmen with the knowledge to adapt and respond effectively in various real-life situations.